Bucyrus Area YMCA

Spirit Award Winners

Franklin "Skinny" Myers Spirit Award Winners

The Franklin "Skinny" Myers Spirit Award is the Bucyrus YMCA’s effort to recognize youth and adult participants or leaders who exemplify the YMCA’s ideals of fun and sportsmanship for everyone. Executive Director Nate Smith presents the 2013 award to Bruce Sloan at the May 2014 Board meeting.

Franklin "Skinny" Myers was a long time active member and volunteer for the Bucyrus Area YMCA. He participated in many of the activities at the YMCA, and he was well known for his coaching in youth sports, service on the YMCA's Board of Trustees and as chairman of the physical education committee.

Shortly after Skinny's death in 1988, his family asked that memorial funds be directed to the Bucyrus YMCA to be utilized for youth memberships and in recognizing participants who appreciate the opportunity to learn, to play, and to have a good time with others in a Christian atmosphere. Therefore, the Bucyrus YMCA developed the Franklin "Skinny" Myers Spirit Award.


2013 Bruce Sloan
2012 Ethan Weithman
2011 Richard Shealy
2010 Mike Schiefer
2009 Brian Teague
2008 Bruce Sloan & Al Bacon
2007 Thad Wilson
2006 Tim Schimpf
2005 Bill Arnold
2004 Richard Noblit & Jessica McClarren
2003 Gerry Dolan & Ginger Gamble
2002 Bill Dartt
2001 Sam Roberts
2000 Bill Blicke & Donald Fox
1999 Jim Butt & Miyuki Oishi
1998 Joni Jones, James Johnson, Bryan Wiley, Jeff Holter
1997 John Hord & Lisa Eichhorn
1996 Thomas Kalb & Ysabel Price
1995 Bob Cundiff & Pat Myers
1994 Helen Kirk & Glen Guttenberg
1993 Liz Dolan, Steve Lopez, Dana Blankenship
1992 April Larrabee & Roger Weisenouer
1991 Reva Hord, Patricia Diebler, Denny Enders, Rachel Hoffman, Rick Roberts, Joe Teynor
1990 Patricia Diebler, Denny Enders, Rachel Hoffman, Rick Roberts, Joe Teynor
1989 Kyle Bacon, James Cotsamire, Donald Kalb, Mary Loy, Heather Schifer, Nicole Schifer, Steve Shadeed, Tim Wood